Frequently Asked Questions


What can do that I can't?

Our service is pretty straight forward and we believe anyone can perform it. What we offer is simplicity, efficiency, time savings and one place to do it all from. As we do this every day, we know the ins and out of how best and quickly to handle the accounts that you have requested. Chasing all the different companies and agencies can be very time consuming and this is our greatest benefit to you…we save you time and potential hassle.


Who will have access to my uploaded information?

Only the skilled people working on your account. We are a small, tightly structured team where we do all the work ourselves. We don’t outsource either at home or abroad. Each person who specialises in different areas leave an audit trail of their interactions for clarification if ever the need arose.

How can you guarantee confidentiality?

Absolutely. All the data you give us is stored on secure servers, with levels of security with a highly reputable hosting company. Once everything has been closed as per your request, we send you a report detailing the status of each account. Once you have acknowledged that the transactions have been completed as per your request, we wipe our records of all sensitive data, keeping only transaction data for record purposes.

Confidential Data

We do not require nor will we ever ask for Usernames, Passwords or financial information of the deceased.


How does you pricing structure work?

We designed the packages and their pricing in the same manner as building blocks. In our experience customers start with the social and then add on the others as they are relevant. By doing it in this manner we keep it simple and give greater value and benefits to you.

Can I add in a service not mentioned in your packages?

Of course. We believe that one size does not fit all, but for simplicities sake we have designed our packages to reflect what is most common. That is why we left the option to add one of your choices to the list.


Can I call you?

Of course, we will be very happy to chat in person over the phone. We collect all requests and information electronically only to ensure your security and will never ask for confidential information over the phone.

Do I need to be personally involved in some account closures?

In short, no. Since you are giving us the authority to act on your behalf during the process of closing your requested accounts, there should not be a need. If however we come across the situation where you are required to intercede, then we shall contact you first via email to see how best we can resolve the obstacle.